Fantasmagoria económica

Eis o que Robert Solow tem a dizer sobre os modelos DSGE (Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium), hoje usados em todo o mundo para analisar e prever a evolução macroeconómica:
"The point I am making is that the DSGE model has nothing useful to say about anti-recession policy because it has built into its essentially implausible assumptions the “conclusion” that there is nothing for macroeconomic policy to do. I think we have just seen how untrue this is for an economy attached to a highly-leveraged, weakly-regulated financial system. But I think it was just as visibly false in earlier recessions (and in episodes of inflationary overheating) that followed quite different patterns. There are other traditions with better ways to do macroeconomics."
A ler aqui na íntegra.

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