Um dia haveremos de chegar a isto

Eis uma sugestão surpreendente mas lógica de Robert Reich, ex-Secretário de Estado na administração Clinton, sobre como punir os super-ricos que recorrem aos off-shore para fugir aos impostos:

I’ve been thinking a lot about the immigration bill now pending before Congress - especially the conditions undocumented workers will have to meet if they want to become American citizens. One of them is to pay all the taxes they owe.

The new immigration bill may not make it through Congress, but that provision about paying taxes that are owed in order to be a citizen serves as a reminder that paying taxes is one of the major obligations of citizenship. After all, if we didn’t pay the taxes we owe, we wouldn’t have public schools, police and fire protection, national defense, homeland security, roads and bridges, Medicare and Social Security, and other things we need.

So when the super-rich use offshore tax havens to avoid paying what they owe in taxes, they’re reneging on their duties as citizens. It seems only fair to me that the consequence of that kind of tax avoidance ought to be loss of citizenship. If it’s more important to someone to avoid paying what they owe in taxes than to continue being an American, then let them keep their money. They can become a citizen of the Cayman Islands or Bermuda or wherever else they store their wealth, and come here on a visitor’s visa - if they can get one.

A dúvida é esta: será que eles se ralariam?

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