World gone Madoff

Conclusão do artigo de hoje de Krugman no New York Times:
"Most of all, the vast riches being earned — or maybe that should be “earned” — in our bloated financial industry undermined our sense of reality and degraded our judgment.

"Think of the way almost everyone important missed the warning signs of an impending crisis. How was that possible? How, for example, could Alan Greenspan have declared, just a few years ago, that “the financial system as a whole has become more resilient” — thanks to derivatives, no less? The answer, I believe, is that there’s an innate tendency on the part of even the elite to idolize men who are making a lot of money, and assume that they know what they’re doing.

"After all, that’s why so many people trusted Mr. Madoff.

"Now, as we survey the wreckage and try to understand how things can have gone so wrong, so fast, the answer is actually quite simple: What we’re looking at now are the consequences of a world gone Madoff."
Mas quem ouviu o professor Campos e Cunha no Prós e Contras da última 2ª feira ficou a saber que esta conversa é uma tolice pegada.

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Nuno disse...

È uma questão de se saber a que opinião dar mais valor, àquela q já vem avisando para esta situação há uns bons anos e (não) por acaso até ganhou um prémio Nobel este ano ou ao Prof. Campos e Cunha!