O keynesianismo tem dias

Escutem, isto é hilariante:
"Macroeconomics was born as a distinct field in the 1940s, as a part of the intellectual response to the Great Depression. The term then referred to the body of knowledge and expertise that we hoped would prevent the recurrence of that economic disaster. My thesis in this lecture is that macroeconomics in this original sense has succeeded: Its central problem of depression-prevention has been solved, for all practical purposes, and has in fact been solved for many decades." (Lucas, 2003, Presidential Address to the American Economics Association)

"The problem is that the new theories, the theories embedded in general equilibrium dynamics […] don’t let us think about the US experience in the 1930s or about financial crises and their consequences […] We may be disillusioned with the Keynesian apparatus for thinking about these things, but it doesn’t mean that this replacement apparatus can do it either." (Lucas, 2003, Keynote Address to the 2003 HOPE Conference, p. 23, underline added)
Conclusão do econoblog101, onde fui pescar esta citação: "You can only get away with [this] if you have a Nobel already."

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DG disse...

Não há sistema teórico que resista a actos criminais como "(immaginary)mortgages backed securities" ou mbs = more bullshit!
Não conheço um sistema de equilibrio que substitua o IS LM.