Se querem entender o Mundo, olhem para o futebol...


Gideon Rachman, acerca das crises que afligem o Liverpool e o Man United:
"Along with Manchester United, Liverpool are probably the most successful and most internationally-supported club in the English Premier League. But they too have had the misfortune to be bought by Americans rather than Arabs. The would-be new owners, New England Sports Ventures, look better organised and better funded than the current lot. But NESV are also Americans. And the lesson of English football teams to date is that American ownership involves being loaded up with debt.

"It is all a bit of a symbol of the way things are going in the global economy. American owners are heavily-indebted and rely on financial engineering. It is the oil-rich Arabs and Russians who have the cash. Meanwhile Far Eastern buyers are beginning to sniff around English football."

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