O significado de ser gay

Daniel Mendelsohn foi desencantar no "San Francisco Chronicle" estas impagáveis linhas da autoria do crítico Mick LaSalle acerca do filme "Brokeback Mountain":

The film is about two men who are in love, and it makes no sense. It makes no sense in terms of who they are, where they are, how they live and how they see themselves. It makes no sense in terms of what they do for a living or how they would probably vote in a national election....
The situation carries a lot of emotional power, largely because it's so specific and yet undefined. The two guys - cowboys - are in love with each other, but we don't ever quite know if they're in love with each other because they're gay, or if they're gay because they're in love with each other.
It's possible that if these fellows had never met, one or both would have gone through life straight.

O comentário de Mendelsohn não poderia ser mais certeiro:
Criticisms like LaSalle's, and those of the many other critics trying to persuade you that Brokeback isn't "really" gay, that Jack and Ennis's love "makes no sense" because they're Wyoming ranch hands who are likely to vote Republican, only work if you believe that being gay means having a certain look, or lifestyle (urban, say), or politics; that it's anything other than the bare fact of being erotically attached primarily to members of your own sex.

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