Ai sim? Não me digam...

"Central and east European markets yesterday felt the full force of the latest storms in the Greek crisis, aggravated today by the deaths of three people in riots in Athens. With the euro falling by as much as 1.4 per cent (before recovering slightly later), CEE currencies all fell, and stock markets plunged, notably in Prague, where equities ended down 4.9 per cent."

(...) "Meanwhile, the political arguments about the European Union’s role in the rescue continued with Slovakia voicing its frustration at having to bail out a richer euro zone country, the FT reports. It was not for this that Bratislava joined the common currency."

(...) "CEE European currencies reached multi-month lows. The zloty fell 1.6 per cent to 3.1495 to the dollar, the Hungarian forint 1.1 per cent to 215.44 against the dollar and the Czech koruna 1.3 per cent to 20.128 against the euro. The Czech central bank meets tomorrow for what might be an interesting session."

"As for stock markets, investors sold where they could, concentrating on liquid equities. Czech shares fell 4.88 per cent, Polish 1.56 per cent, Hungarian 2.0 per cent and Romanian per cent."


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