Clube dos CEOs pobres

John Mack (Morgan Stanley): 1,92 milhões de dólares

Jeff Bezzos (Amazon): 1,78 milhões de dólares

Gary Kelly (Sowthwest Airlines): 1,56 milhões de dólares

Eric Shmidt (Google): 243 mil dólares

Todos estes indigentes ganham menos que António Mexia.

Fonte: Bloomberg Businessweek de 10 de Maio

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Eric Shmidt:

John Mack:

It is the third consecutive year that Mr. Mack has received no bonus. He will, however, still be paid an annual salary of $800,000, and he has been rewarded lavishly since he returned to lead Morgan Stanley in 2005. That year, he received a bonus of $25 million and, in 2006, a further bonus of $40 million, both in three-year restricted stock. That stock has already vested but the bank says Mr. Mack has not sold any of it.