Rorty para economistas

Mais um belíssimo artigo sobre Rorty, desta vez saído da pena do economista John Kay:
"Many of Rorty’s philosophical critics claimed he was attacking a straw man, arguing that no one really believes they know, or might know "The Way the World Is". But I have met people who believe they know "The Way the World Is", in executive suites, on trading floors and in investment banks. I know consultants who are employed to report on "The Way the World Is". To be sure, there is an element of pragmatism in their approach. What better demonstration of their insight into "The Way the World Is" than their exalted positions and extravagant bonuses?"

É mesmo... E leiam mais isto:
"I have often given an account of an event in business history and been confronted by a participant who offers an account of "The Way It Was". But all he offers is an account of the way it was for him. Even an aggregation of such accounts can provide only a partial and controversial description of the whole. Economists often assert that economic theory says this or predicts that. But economic theory will never hold a mirror to nature. Good economic arguments are specific to their context. There are no universal economic laws, only trends and tendencies."

Escusado será dizer que os liberais doutrinários nunca entenderão estas palavras.

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