A essência do génio atlético

A leitura de uma autobiografia idiota da tenista Tracy Austin inspirou a David S. Wallace estas linhas:
"The real secret behind top athletes' genius, then, may be as esoteric and obvious and dull and profound as silence itself. The real, many-veiled answer to the question of just what goes through a great player's mind as he stands at the center of hostile crowd-noisw and lines up the free-throw that will decide the game might well be: nothing at all. (...)

"It may well be that we spectators, who are not divinely gifted as athletes, are the only ones able truly to see, articulate and animate the experience of the gift we are denied. And that those who receive and act out the gift of athletic genius must, perforce, be blind and dumb about it - and not because blindness and dumbness are the price of the gift, but because they are its essence."
Poucas pessoas têm esta capacidade de transformar merda em pérolas. É desesperante saber-se que Wallace faleceu em 2008.

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