Hoje em dia todo o cuidado é pouco: a gente levanta uma pedra e sai de lá de baixo um anti-semita

Call a stop now, without conditions

The right thing for America is to call for an immediate stop to the fighting, postponing its plans for the reordering of Lebanon until the period after the guns fall silent. This may not lead soon, or ever, to the disarming of Hizbullah, which means that Lebanon will remain unstable and Israel will still feel threatened. Nor would such an ending deal the desired blow to Hamas and Iran, which will continue to work against a negotiated Israeli peace with Palestine. But the truth is the Israel’s military campaign shows little sign of being able to achieve these goals either. And it is just possible that once this pointless war is over Hizbullah will come under growing political pressure within Lebanon to avoid provoking another. Mr Nasrallah may of course feel strong enough to ignore a call for an immediate ceasefire. The war would go on. But then at least it would be plain who was to blame for the misery.

(Leader do The Economist de ontem.)

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