A Merkel é maluca

Artigo alarmado - e não é caso para menos - de Wolfgang Munchau no FT de hoje:

"A decision was taken recently in Berlin to introduce a balanced-budget law in the German constitution. It was a hugely important decision. It may not have received due attention outside Germany given the flood of other economic and financial news. From 2016, it will be illegal for the federal government to run a deficit of more than 0.35 per cent of gross domestic product. From 2020, the federal states will not be allowed to run any deficit at all. Unlike Europe’s stability and growth pact, which was first circumvented, later softened and then ignored, this unilateral constitutional law will stick. I would expect that for the next 20 or 30 years, deficit reduction will be the first, second and third priority of German economic policy."

Esta decisão, tomada unilateralmente pelo maior país da Europa em população e, sobretudo, em peso económico, pode vir a revelar-se fatal para o futuro da União Europeia.

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mifune disse...

Tem o link para o artigo?

João Pinto e Castro disse...

Já coloquei o link no post, PG.