Epitáfio condicional

Excelente artigo de Gideon Rachman no Financial Times sobre a bancarrota ideológica do Thatcherismo:
"Thatcherism is also out of fashion internationally. When Nicolas Sarkozy was elected president of France in 2007, he quietly encouraged the idea that he was the French version of Mrs Thatcher. But these days he likes to be photographed clutching a copy of Das Kapital. Mrs Thatcher venerated the free enterprise of the US. But the new US president seems strangely enamoured of the European social system.

"Perhaps most damagingly, Thatcherism has lost the moral high ground. The Iron Lady once proclaimed, slightly sinisterly: “Economics is the method. The object is to change the soul.” She meant that British people had to rediscover the virtue of traditional values such as hard work and thrift. The “something for nothing” society was over.


"One of Mrs Thatcher’s most famous phrases was: “There is no alternative.” As yet, no major political figure in Britain or the western world has really articulated a coherent alternative to the free-market principles inherited from Thatcherism. Until that happens, the Thatcher era will not be definitively over.
Muitos não concordarão com esta conclusão; mas, a mim, parece-me justíssima."

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