Aí estão eles

Como previsto, aí estão as pressões para uma ajuda de emergência à indústria automóvel americana. Eis o que pensam os representantes do estado de Michigan:
"We should not tolerate this erosion of our industrial base," Dingell said on the call. "This crisis that we have on credit did not begin in the auto industry, it began in the financial industry."

In the letter, the lawmakers highlighted the importance to the U.S. economy of the auto industry, which they said employs 355,000 workers and provides health insurance to 2 million people.

Last month, Chrysler LLC talked with U.S. officials about whether the $700 billion government bailout would include automobile loans, President Jim Press said. Cerberus Capital Management LP owns Chrysler, credit unit Chrysler Financial and 51 percent of auto and home lender GMAC LLC.

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